hello everyone! this site is mostly dedicated to my quest to 100% pokemon crystal, but i plan to branch out a bit in the future. i enjoy retro games, pixel art, chiptune and the occasional japanese-english translation.

i plan to make a dedicated contact page in the future, but for the time being, you can reach me at tohjofalls@proton.me.



happy new year! i've been busy recently, but i'll be more active now that i have the time and energy to play stadium 2. speaking of which, i've detailed my experience playing the game for the first time on the pokemon crystal page :3

i also have an affiliate now, check 'em out!


fixed the css, hopefully! i don't have any more errors on the W3 validator, and it works on my PC and phone, at the very least.


changed some style stuff that was bothering me and added these lil boxes.

the CSS is pretty broken right now, but i reeeeeally need to do my homework. i'll fix it tomorrow!


the site is officially up! still have to write a lot of pages, but the main ones are at least functional.

i accidentally broke the responsiveness for a sec but it's back lol



  • RSS feed
  • load content into one or two base pages instead of having like 3 copies of the same page lol
  • better file organization
  • organize sitemap by topic
  • triple-check WCAG


  • about
  • contact


  • kanto/unova pages
  • JP-EN translation page (requires JP font)
  • pixelart/chiptune pages
  • gameboy-themed pixel art viewer

thanks for visiting!